50 BMG Boresight (Red or Green Laser)


The Osprey 50 BMG Laser Boresight, available in red or green lasers for impeccable accuracy. Crafted with high-quality brass, these boresights save time and ammo, ensuring rapid, user-friendly, and cost-effective sight calibration. The precisely calibrated laser dot brings you within 1.5 inches of center. Backed by Osprey Global’s no-nonsense lifetime warranty, experience a new level of shooting confidence.

  • Material: High Quality Brass
  • Precision Laser: 510-535nm Wavelength
  • Visible Green OR Red LED Laser
  • Versatile Sighting: 10-75 Yards Range
  • Compact Dot: 1.5″ @ 100 Yards
  • Safe Power: <5 mW Laser Beam
  • Laser Wavelength: 635-655nm for Red, 510-535nm for Green
  • Battery: 1 CR123A


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