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These people rock! Had a problem, they corrected no questions asked and returned fix right away!
5 days ago
Recently broke my binoculars on my last hunt and contacted osprey they immediately sent me the info for returning them. I sent them back and they quickly sent me a replacement. I love my osprey binoculars and their warranty is amazing
Sheila garner
9 days ago
Had an issue with my tactical 4-16 scope and sent Osprey Global an email. They told me to send it to them and they would repair it or replace it. They got it in, tested it, and determined it needed to be replaced. They had a new one in the mail that day. All it cost me was the shipping cost to send it. I have three Osprey scopes and really like the glass for the money. And now I am even more impressed with how I was treated when I had an issue! Great customer service!
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Scott M
9 days ago
The efficiency and responsiveness of the Osprey Global team were commendable, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. I greatly appreciate their dedication to customer satisfaction. If you're in the market for top-notch scopes and exceptional customer service, I highly recommend Osprey Global. Thank you, Osprey Global, for a fantastic buying experience!
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Arthur Mikula
9 days ago
I bouight a scope a couple of years ago and the lenese developed spots...sent an email for repair. Got a response within 6 hours and a replacement scope in a week. Can't ask for better support!! Way to go Osprey! Will purchase again from you. PM
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PM 3
16 days ago
I’m really impressed with the service that I have received. Not expecting my scope to be back for several weeks. Got email yesterday saying that it has shipped. With this kind of service, I will buy more product guarantee.
William Aldridge
16 days ago
Jacob Lara
16 days ago
Hey everyone I bought a nice pair of binoculars from Osprey and they are very nice , any time my friends look through them they are amazed and think they must have cost a boatload of dollars , , there products are very reasonably priced for the high quality , but also what really stands out is there lifetime warranty , that I have unfortunately had used on two different occasions now , first left pair outside in some pretty severe weather event and they wound up getting little moisture inside them ,, quick as I told them what happen Osprey sent me a brand-new replacement pair , and well now this time unfortunately left them out side again , and our new dog thought they were his new play toy and absolutely destroyed them ,, again I let them know what had happen and again they have a brand-new replacement pair on there way to me right now , I am very happy with my decision to purchase from Osprey , not gonna find a better more loyal to there customers company than this. I love America and Osprey !
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Arlington Farms
23 days ago
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