Quick Latch Mounts


The QLMT-Compact is a throw lever that can easily be attached to the magnification ring of the Osprey CP3-9×42 scopes, making running up or down the magnification a snap, especially in cold weather conditions when the shooter is wearing gloves. The QLMT-Tactical can be attached to the magnification ring of Osprey’s TA4-16×50, TA6-24×50, and TA10-40×50 scopes. The QLMT-1-6 can be attached to the 1-6x24IR Scope. They are backed by Osprey’s industry leading no-nonsense lifetime warranty.



  • QLMT-Compact
  • QLMT-Tactical
  • QLMT-1-6
  • Gives you the ability to quickly increase or decrease magnification, even with gloves on
  • Made specifically for certain Osprey scopes (see description for compatible scopes)
  • Lifetime Warranty
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