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The Proof is in the Glass


Osprey Product Reviews

I have used a competitor scope for over 15 years as a SWAT sniper. I picked up an Osprey Global Illuminated Mil-Dot recticle 4-16x50 scope. I have to say that I am more than impressed. The scope is mounted on a Remington 700 Tactical. The scope holds MOA out to 500 yards ( the limit of my range). I have banged the rifle, shot in the rain, changed the scope magnification, and the POI has not changed. These rifle scopes give you more bang for not as much buck. In my humble opinion, Osprey Global scopes are equivalent to or better than the higher priced Leupold scopes. Happy Shooting!
— Customer from New Jersey - Review of Osprey's 4-16x50 Illuminated Mil Dot
I was looking for an affordable optic, the two young ladies that were working the booth were very helpful. One took her time to explain everything and I purchased a 4-16x50 scope with a mil dot reticle. The glass is awesome. I asked what would happen if I had a problem in the future, and I was given the email and contact number as well as the business card to get a hold her if I needed help. Overall I am not only the owner of an amazing optic, but I am also educated on it, and pleased. Thank you Osprey!!
— Customer from Florida - Review of Osprey's 4-16x50 Mil Dot
I have had it, and used it a lot over the last year. The 10-40 x 50 is just what they say it is, I was very pleased, and supersized. I shoot along side very expensive scopes at long ranges with my AR platform cal.308 and I am very happy that I did not spend the extra money. Have not found any thing better with this much power, and is very clear at 40 power!
— Customer from Washington, Review of Osprey's 10-40x50 Illuminated Mil Dot
I’ve used this scope at 100, 200, & 300 yds.. After two outings to the range I am satisfied and have proved to myself that unless I’m going to spend at least four times the money I did the right thing buying an Osprey. The windage, elevation and parallax adjustments are smoother than my more expensive scope of similar power. The optics are nice and clear.
— Customer from South Carolina - Review of Osprey's 10-40x50 Illuminated Mil Dot
Absolutely best technical support and friendly and fast service lifetime guarantee and all I did is ask for Rma request for service and this was emailed to me returned scope for loose turret and the company got it back to me with instructions to tighten small holes with Alan wrench supplied after getting zeroed. I am a avid long range target plunker and the unit gets my 5 stars thanks to the great and friendly staff and tech/sales dept. Apparently the rating of 1 star must be email stupid and can not follow directions on warranty. 100% and recommend it sincerely may want to upgrade my rings to a solid DMz scope ring for my stainless steel Remington fluted 308. This scope looks great shoots true and looks like I am going to purchase several more for the money. One great scope is even better than my leupold.
— Customer from Missouri - Review of Osprey's 10-40x50 with Rangefinder Reticle 30mm
I have seen these folks at the gun shows along with all the other vendors. The staff was very helpful and took the time to make sure I matched the right scope to the rifle. I have been out on the range and the scopes live up to the sales pitch, clear clean picture, crisp adjustments, and excellent light capture. The scope looks and feel well constructed. Accidentally “tested” the drop durability when the rifle got bumped and fell to the ground. The 4 foot drop to the concrete had zero affect on the scope and didn’t even affect the accuracy. I will be buying more of these in the future for other rifles.
— Customer from Arizona - Review of Osprey's 10-40x50 with Rangefinder Reticle 30mm
I bought this scope a few years ago, put it on my Bushmaster .308 and have used it fairly regularly for hunting and target practice for years. I love the scope. Once you get used to using it, it gives a very clear sight picture at great distances. Zeroing was easy it stayed zeroed without a hitch the entire time it was on my rifle. And it looks great on the AR style platform.Recently I was shooting at an indoor range and the scope went completely blurry. Not sure why, could have been years of hunting and target shooting. I emailed Osprey, and the next day I shipped my scope off to them and two weeks later I have my scope back. Repairing or replacing a three year old scope at no cost is the best customer service I have had with a scope manufacturer. I will be buying more of these in the future. But with confidence.
— Customer from Texas - Review of Osprey's 10-40x50 with Rangefinder Reticle 30mm
I was very pleased with the clarity, and ease of use. This is a great buy for the money. In fact I feel that it is better than many more expensive scopes. I mounted a 20 MOA pictinny rail on a Savage F-class model 12 F/TR in 308. I took it out to the range, and I was in the black in 2 shots at a 100 yards. I brought down, and I was getting consistent groups of less than 1 inch.
— Customer from Arizona - Review of Osprey's 10-40x50 with Rangefinder Reticle 30mm
This scope is the best scope for the money! I did a lot of research on this company and my findings are as follows. They have fast customer service on returns and make a real reliable scope for the price. I put it on a Rock River Varmet 223 with a 22” barrel and it shoots .375 MOA at 100 yards! Great scope! Would recommend to anyone and all calibers including a 50 bmg.
— Customer from Colorado - Review of Osprey's 6-24x50 Illuminated Rangefinder Reticle
I have this scope and the older version of the same scope. The newer one I got as a warranty replacement as I traded into an Osprey that was broken. (objective lens had been loosened) Sent it in for repair and they sent me a new scope. I have them on a Remington 700 in .308 and on a Savage in 25-06. Rings that come with them were too high on both scopes so those needed replaced, but all-in-all, a great scope and I had great service from Osprey.
— Customer from Nebraska - Review of Osprey's 6-24x50 Illuminated Rangefinder Reticle
Bought one of these at a gun show and got the rangefinder reticle. I used a one piece mount on a RRA elite operator 308. Took about 12 rounds to zero. Shot a 3/4” group at 100 yds. hit a 6” gong at 200 3 times in a row and called it good! Very low distortion at 1x compared to others I’ve looked at. Good eye relief and seems like true 1x. Can’t imagine anything better at this price!
— Customer from Kentucky - Review of Osprey's 1-6x28 Mil Dot
I bought this on impulse at a local gun show. I was a bit skeptical at first having been burnt in the past on impulse optics purchases. The eye relief is what bought it for me and I still enjoy it to this day. Mine came with caliber specific knob covers so in theory adjustments once zeroed are a snap. This works pretty well and mostly as advertised. When switching ammo I have to take this into consideration with what I sighted with and make adjustments from there. Once zeroed this thing has held on. I have even taken it off the gun and put it back on and it was still dead on. I am very pleased with how it has held on. 1000+ rounds and so far so good. I like that the reticle is etched in glass and can be used with no battery, so far I have only been successful using this powered at its lowest settings anything higher and I get the “ghosting effect” and haven’t found an application where anything higher than low is useful. Full power and you can see the reticle on the receiving end from about 75 yards especially with red and blue. Overall this is a very good optic for the money. It also fits perfectly on your AR upper receiver and doesn’t hang over the charging handle preventing rapid reload. with it as far forward as my upper allowed with risers it stops about 3/4” short of the charging handle.
— Customer from Texas - Review of Osprey's Compact 3-9x42 IRF 30mm



Just thought you would like to know how your product handles 6 seasons of Colorado hunting. I bought the 3-9x40 Signature Series a little over 3 years ago at a gun show in Denver, CO. The sales people there were excellent and didn’t try to upsell me when I explained what I had and what I intended to use it for. I have a Savage Axis in 30-06 that I use for target shooting as well as deer and elk hunting. I have well over 1000 rounds through this rifle/scope combo now. This scope has never varied! Never gave me a bit of trouble and held settings perfectly even after being subjected to rain, snow and freeing temps up to 11,000ft in the Colorado Rockies. I take the rifle out of the case, load some ammo, shoot, clean it and put it away. That’s it! No adjusting, no fiddling, just shoot! This is the kind of dependability you need when hunting big game! Thanks for such a great product that any hunter can afford.
— Customer from Colorado - Review of the Osprey's Compact 3-9x40